Top Tips To Help Your Car Pass Its MOT

Every car needs to pass an MOT for it to be road legal. If you’ve got one coming up, here are some tips to guarantee your car passes:

Review Your Windscreen

The windscreen is a big part of your car and a cause for concern come MOT time. If there are any cracks in your windscreen, you could be in trouble. You might get away with a few small chips here and there, but big ones will be your downfall. I suggest you take some time to look properly at your windscreen for any damages. If you find some, get a windscreen repair company in to fix things quickly. While you’re on your windscreen, you may as well check the wipers too. Ensure they work properly and aren’t worn down. Top up any screen wash fluid if your car is running low.

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Check Your Lights

One of the easiest ways to fail an MOT is to have faulty lights. It’s absurd how many people will forget to check their car lights before they take it to get serviced. If your bulbs are faulty, they need replacing. Turn your car on and see if all the lights are in good working order. I’m talking about every light on your car. Headlights, indicators, brake lights, reverse lights, you name it! If any of these isn’t working, you will fail your MOT.

Take A Close Look At Your Tyres

A highly common way for a car to fail its MOT is because of tyre issues. With your tyres, you need to ensure you have enough tread left, and that they’re in good working condition. By law, you must have at least 1.6mm of tread on your tyres. However, it’s best you don’t take your car in with that little tread left. My advice is to make sure you have fairly new tyres fitted. These days, you can get your tyres fitted at home, so there’s no excuse for not replacing your old ones.  You also have to ensure they’re properly inflated and aren’t misshapen or damaged. Get your tyres in order and that’s one less thing to worry about.

Clean Your Car

Believe it or not but some testers will refuse to service your car if it’s too dirty. So, if you haven’t cleaned it in a while, it’s time to get washing. Give your car a proper good clean and make it look nice and sparkly. It would be awful if you failed your MOT because your car was too dirty.


Beep The Horn

Finally, you have to ensure that the horn is working well. Give it a few beeps so you know it’s loud and clear. If you find that your horn is faulty, or completely broken, work on getting it fixed. It might not seem like a huge issue, but it can make you fail your MOT.

Make sure you keep all these tips in mind before submitting your car. Also, don’t leave everything until the last minute. Get all this stuff checked and done way in advance of your MOT date.

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