The 4 Best Medium-Sized Cars 2015

Sometimes you want a car that’s in between the realms of small and big. You want something that’s that perfect size. Big enough for you to fit four people in, but small enough to drive easily. What you’re looking for is known as a medium sized car. Here’s a look at some of the best medium-sized cars on the market.

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BMW 1 Series

One of the most popular medium-sized cars on the market today. The BMW 1 series features the iconic BMW grill and is a medium-sized beast. You can choose between the three or five-door models, depending on how much space you want. There’s enough room for two passengers in the back, as well as reasonable boot space. The 1 series is perfect for someone looking for something a little bit sporty.

Honda Civic

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The Honda Civic is becoming something of a flagship car for the Japanese giant. It’s available in various types, and you can even get the sporty version called the ‘Type R’. Which could easily be considered a sports car in its own right. But the normal Honda Civic is a perfect mid-sized vehicle. It has great economy and generous space for passengers. The design is also unlike any other car on this list; it’s truly unique. You can check out the new Honda Civic on if you feel like seeing more.

Ford Focus

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Ford’s Focus is one of those cars that teeters on the edge between medium and large. But, it’s won ‘best medium-sized car’ awards in the past, so I’ll keep it in here. A hugely popular car thanks to its spacious interior and stylish exterior. Not to mention it drives extremely well and has a neat little touchscreen interface. The best thing about the newest Ford Focus is the front grill. It’s been styled in such a way that it almost looks like an Aston Martin from a distance. So, while you may not technically be driving one, people might think you are. For a split second at least.

Hyundai i30

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The previous three cars have all been made by some of the major players in motoring. Hyundai are something of a new player in the ever-growing game. They’ve been making strides in the British market, and their cars are becoming popular. The i30 mid-sized car perfect for families and reasonably priced too. With low C02 emissions, it’s less harmful to the environment than some of the other cars. Plus, with a very clean and neat design, it looks great too!

Medium-sized cars are some of the most diverse on the market. You can get a great family car, but also a sporty car as well. People love to buy these types of car because they’re the perfect fit for everyday life. They’re big enough to carry backseat passengers, and they have great fuel consumption. But they aren’t too big. They’re not difficult to park like some estate cars or an SUV. A medium-sized car is finely balanced, making them perfect for just about anybody.

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