Personalised Number Plates – Are They Worth the Money?

Have you been thinking about modifying your vehicle in some way? If so, you might have considered paying for a private number plate. These modifications can increase vehicle value and disguise its age, which is a good idea if you own an old model that you don’t want fancy upgrading just yet! Favoured by the rich and famous, personalised number plates can set you back thousands of dollars. However, there are some things that affect the price, such as the size and material. Before you invest, decide whether or not the purchase is worthwhile.

Choosing a Material

There are two main types of materials to choose between – acrylic and metallic. Acrylate polymer is used to make acrylic personalised number plates, and this solid plastic will not get damaged easily. It can be used on most types of vehicles and the low price appeals to the majority of vehicle owners. A more expensive option that would appeal to the rich is a metallic plate. Preferred types of metallic include titanium, steel and aluminium. All of these metals are rust-resistant and will maintain their condition no matter what elements they are faced with.

Exclusive to the Owner

Everyone who chooses to get personalised number plates will need to find out if their style is available before they can invest. Although it can be disheartening if your style is taken, it means that the style you do choose will be exclusive to you. Unlike other vehicle modifications that can be copied by someone else, private number plates cannot be replicated. An opportunity to express your personality, plates will add instant style to any car, making this modification an alternative to purchasing a new car. Take your time when choosing a style because if it is sought after in a few years time, its value will soar.

Effective for Promotion

Many businesses claim personalised number plates to be their best and most effective form of advertisement. Why? Well, there are various prefix, suffix and dateless options to choose from, therefore it is possible to promote companies of pretty much any name. For example, a company that specialises in plumbing could choose a registration that says DR A1N. If the modification isn’t for business purposes, why not have a little bit of fun with it? Some popular ideas include NUT 7Y and JU51 UCY. Remember to stick to the rules and focus on the regulations to avoid breaking the law.

When you consider the fact that the price of personalised number plates can increase over time, there is a big chance that you can earn your money back and make a profit if you sell it in later years. If you are thinking about giving the private number plate as a gift to someone, you don’t have to worry about anyone else having the same one. Each is unique, but remember that you will need to obtain the vehicle tax disc in order to get the plate processed.

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