Need for a best motor vehicle

When we see how to become a bustling city in a car, I continue to wonder whether the government is always conjecture about how this year is 10 lines. Seem very likely that we will continue to add vehicles, while the road is not possible to learn a lot, so that more of the bottlenecks.

The last few years has many improvements to street paving, but a similar case is difficult to rely on our congested cities. With almost all the available rooms in the city to add new or expand the existing road. Flyovers are not much help in improving traffic conditions.

There are several steps taken in good stead. Delhi Metro has become to be a good example of public transportation. Long flyovers between Gurgaon and Delhi, Noida and Delhi have also shown an example of creating a better flyovers. Rest of the Philippines to fix the steps to ensure a smooth similar penalties in the city. Chennai is also now got the train running in the city, and it came in a Metro. All this is well run, but also time to bear fruit and costly to carry everywhere.

Increasing wealth in the cities to make more and more cars and bikes on the road added daily. May need to consider ways to make people from using private vehicles. For one, tax the car and two wheelers and heavy use or the funds to subsidize public transportation. Price of gasoline may have improved, because the fuel is used only for private vehicles. Additional tax for diesel cars will also help. I would personally see the levying of taxes in strict double the price of all private vehicles.

These steps can help in different ways, and the benefits that not only reduce congestion. Will improve the quality of air in much larger cities, to improve health and living conditions. And to see the wider perspective, a green house gas emissions dropped once, so that a better place to live for future generations.

Without waiting for governments to act, we can also take a step forward. Let’s buy a car in the economical use of fuel (read – small car), let us avoid a trial is often to upgrade from our car, and let avoid driving, unless we. I have reduced my driving a quarter of what used to be a year ago, and look forward to further cut down on. Let’s join our hands in noble action to keep the earth habitable again.

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