Latest F & M Auto Vulca

Coach builder Faralli & Mazzanti (M & M) is making the car since the early 1960s. A (then) young and passionate race car fan Faralli Antonio called up shop in the native Tuscany. He enlisted two sons Walter and Andrea, along with Rossello and his son Luca Mazzanti, which he has started working as a bodywork expert painter. So that M & M Auto Company was born.

M & M is devoted to build a car using traditional methods, as befits a low-volume niche coach builder. Although it currently has strategic partnerships with ans Racing (wheels), Continental Italy (ban) and the Black Srl (finished interior), AIM Sportline (Data
acquisition System) as well as designers and Zsolt Tarnok Delta Sigma (Video bespoke / HiFi system), the latest model is the first car designed and built in-house all the Vulca.

Vulca adequate interpretation of the classical “gt all’italiana” concept: lightweight, hand beaten all aluminum bodywork, a 2 +2 coupe, sinners and modern, elegant yet aggressive styling. Under the bonnet pulsates a powerful, reliable, latest generation engine that provides all guises exhilarating performance.

Two engine options available. Both the V12, 7.1-liter unit making 520 HP or V10, 5.8-liter with 630hp. The latter is known as Vulca “S” version.

F & M Auto Vulca made in a number of very limited: only 10, one number. This means that he forgot to stay the same and enjoy exclusive careful attention to detail. But forget ‘the spec’, customers are assigned to receive the car only to those who actually want
it, considering that the price will start from around 280,000 euros for the base model.

This is because M & M is taking the kind of ‘Automotive sewer’. Short term: This car is the last Italian tradition back coach builders between 1930s to 1960s, both in terms of building and construction methods, and also in terms of freedom allowed to the end client to identify his car. Based on the production of power train, handcrafted each vehicle as a whole without the assistance or computer technology industry. As a custom fit Saute couture, each vehicle reflects every detail of M & M style and pride of their owners.

And if it does not impress you, what else, every building is directly managed by Walter and Luca (discreetly), and Mario and supported by two members of the family.

It appears that customers buy a car from Auto F & M is also a lifelong friendship that traditional Italian coach builder in the bargain.

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