James Bond Cars and Number Plates

Spectre ‘the movie’, the latest instalment from the James Bond franchise, is the most hotly awaited film of the year. Obviously as a reader of this car blog, and therefore a car fan, I’m sure you are a James Bond fan. Even when the films themselves have lacked polish there has always been plenty for us car lovers to get excited about. James’ cars are among the most beautiful in the worldand in addition he has all those fantastic gadgets from Q. I can’t tell you how many times I have longed for that button that ejects your passenger out of the roof or a handy rocket launcher or two.

JB’s first car was actually the relatively unexciting Sunbeam Alpine. It was made in Britain of course and it did have an open top, some nice chrome and a few decent curves but it was hardly a super car fit for an international man of mystery.

By the third film the producers had introduced the Aston Martin that Ian Fleming (the writer of the original books) had said JB owned. Over the years JB has driven 7 different models and several of them repeatedly. You must be dead inside if you don’t love at least one of the Aston Martin’s that lucky old James has driven. Personally I lust after the old style cars like the beauty that Sean Connery got to drive in Goldfinger. This model was a DB5 and it appeared in 6 different Bond films. The actual car used in Goldfinger, complete with bullet proof shield, revolving plates and machine guns behind the lights, was sold to the collector Harry Yeaggy for £2.9m, including the JB007 number plate.


There are plenty of collectors out there who love anything James Bond related especially if it is also to do with cars. The State of Guernsey recently issued a 007 registration which went to auction on the 9th September 2015 with a guide price of £60,000. By the time the auction was over the plate had fetched an incredible £240,000!

Of course sometimes JB has to slum it and just steal the nearest vehicle so he has also been seen driving these makes; JEEP, Alfa Romeo, a few Audi’s, a Ford, quite a few Bentleys, an AMC, a Mercury Cougar and a couple of Lotus’.Of course recently JB has been seen in far too many BMW’s because the company threw wads of cash at the film producers. Luckily the producers have learnt that JB is really not a BMW guy, I mean they are nice but they are just not as sexy as an Aston Martin. So in Spectre James is back with an Aston and this time it’s the DB10.


Yummy! Sadly only 10 of these cars are being built and all are specifically for use in the film. However they are demonstrating the future direction of the brand so hopefully in the not too distant future you will be able to buy something very similar. Alternatively you could snap up one of the 150 DB9 GT Bond Edition cars which have custom styling and a few tasteful but cool James Bond accessories – sadly not an ejector seat or rocket launcher.

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