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Getting Top Dollar For Your Car Is Easy Thanks To These Top Tips!

If you will be shortly getting a new car, and you already own a car, the most logical thing to do would be to sell your car and use the money from the sale to put towards your new one. The trouble is, you might not always fetch as much money for your existing car as you would like to!

This is normally because of things like the car’s general condition, its age, and whether it is a desirable car or not. Therefore, it is important that you take any necessary steps to ensure that you will get the highest value for the car. Luckily, this process is easy and in today’s blog post I will show you how!

The Expert Guide To Spotting A Dodgy Car Dealer

I always find it an interesting exercise going out to car dealerships and observing how the sales reps talk to people. It has to be said that no two car dealerships are alike, even if they are both franchised.

I’ve bought many cars over the years, and I’ve encountered a mixture of friendly and not-so-friendly car dealers, and this has given me the experience to differentiate between the places where I am would have a pleasant experience, and those where I would almost certainly get ripped off!

The Smart Way To Buying A Car Hundreds Of Miles Away From You

Buying a car is a fairly straightforward process; you decide what make and model you want, you check out a few local examples for sale and you buy one of them. Of course, this is a heavily simplified walkthrough of the process but this is generally how it works.

So what happens if you see a car for sale that is a considerable distance away from you? I once remember an acquaintance of mine (he lives in Aberdeen) winning a car auction on eBay and then flying down to Heathrow before finishing his journey somewhere in deepest Sussex to buy a rare model of car that he always wanted to buy!

Where Do People Get The Best Car Deals From?

I’ve owned a fair amount of cars over the years, and at this present moment in time I find myself having to seek out a good deal on yet another car as my current 15-year old car has failed its MOT.

Normally I would have just had the repair work carried out but it’s got to the point where my car spends more time with a mechanic than it does with me, plus the cost of the repairs to fix the MOT failure would cost about three times the value of the car!