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5 Simple Ways To Cut Down Your Car Insurance Costs

Car insurance costs are now averaging around £1000 per year for British drivers. That’s an enormous amount of money to pay out and, over a five-year period, could increase the cost of a £10K car by an extra 50%. It’s no laughing matter, so we thought we would bring together some great tips for getting the costs if insurance down as much as possible.

Drive a slower car

Clearly, if you drive a powerful car with a gigantic engine, you are going to pay more for your insurance. Faster, supercharged cars are involved in more accidents, so insurers will factor that in. If you live in a city, then buying a car with a big engine is only good for your ego, so why not be more sensible? A smaller engine will get you through traffic jams just as quick as a larger one. And it will also reduce your insurance costs by anything up to 70%.

Three Things to Know Before Purchasing a Breakdown Cover

It’s bad enough that automobile breakdowns always seem to occur at the worst times. However, considering the costs of major repair work, vehicle some automotive repairs aren’t just inconvenient – they can be financially catastrophic. This is why many are now considering mechanical breakdown insurance.

What Must-Have Features Should Your Car Insurance Have?

We all know that car insurance is one of those motoring expenses that none of us can really avoid paying (well – we can, but we would just be driving our cars on public roads illegally). Despite fairly recent media reports to the contrary, car insurance has actually risen for a number of drivers in the UK and is causing a number of motorists to even give up driving completely!

Fiat 500 Abarth Owners: Here’s How To Get Cheap Insurance!

The Fiat 500 Abarth is a great little “pocket rocket” and proves that the iconic 500 is a car that is popular with both the ladies and the gents! When you are living somewhere like in central London, having a small car with a bit of grunt under the bonnet helps to alleviate those parking woes and gives you the power to quickly leave any situations where other motorists are seemingly heading into your path without realising it (this happens daily in London by the way).

Why Being A Good Driver Can Lower Your Insurance Costs

We all know that car insurance is one of those necessary evils when it comes to buying a car and legally being able to drive it on Britain’s public roads. You often see adverts on TV, the radio and in the media about how you should use certain companies for your insurance cover because they are statistically cheaper than their competitors, but it seems that no-one really explains how to practically save on your car insurance.

Can You Really Get Cheap Car Insurance For A BMW?

I didn’t really believe this at first, but I was astonished to discover that people can actually get cheap and affordable car insurance!

For the most part, I have always driven cars that are categorised in fairly low insurance groups so that I specifically didn’t have to pay much for my car insurance, and I must admit that buying a BMW has always been a bit of a pipe dream for me as I was often told that owning a BMW means that you would have to pay a small fortune for your insurance.

How to Find cheap Car Insurance For Young Drivers

Teenagers are full of life and enthusiasm and thus, it is necessary to keep a vigilant eye on them. This accounts for their high rate of car insurance premiums. But in present times it is really important to look out for cheap car insurance for young drivers. Thus, you must know all about the reasons which account for higher insurance rates for young drivers and how can young drivers make efforts to reduce their insurance premiums.

Easy Ways to Earn Discounts on Auto Insurance

With the economy as precarious as it is, we’re all trying to save money, and one of the ways we can do that is to evaluate what we’re spending on auto insurance. While going without insurance is a bad idea, as well as illegal in most states, there are several ways to lower the premiums we pay.

One way to be sure you’re getting the best deal on your auto coverage is to be a save driver. Keeping your driving record free of tickets will make you eligible for this discount – but be aware that insurers look at the last three-to-five years of your driving history.