Buying a Used Car – Remember To Make Sure It Gives You The Boot!

When buying a used car, or even a new one 2017 kia niro, there are many things that you should check very carefully. These include the mileage, service history, registration and other documentation, condition of the tyres, does it have a valid MOT, and so on.

Prepare your shortlist

It is likely that you will have prepared a shortlist of vehicles that you would consider buying before you visit a car dealer. If not, you are recommended to do so because this could prevent you from making a rash, spur of the moment, decision when you are actually on a car dealer’s forecourt and find yourself drooling over a beautiful two-seater soft-top sports car.

Not that there’s anything wrong with a two-seater sports car but there is a big clue in the description – it has two seats and you have two kids, (just an assumption, apologies in advance if you have a different number of kids, or none at all), so it wouldn’t be a practical choice. Great fun though.

Don’t overlook the storage factor

One thing people often overlook when buying or renting a house is the availability, or otherwise, or sufficient storage space. I know, because I’ve done it. Modern properties, in particular, are often built without plentiful cupboard space or other storage and, over time, that can be a problem that often turns out to be expensive to resolve. You can also find suitable vehicle storage near me for your car.

When you are buying a car, the same principle applies. If you are likely to need to carry a lot of things around with you then please make sure that you properly evaluate the amount of storage space provided.

Unlike a house, you can’t really extend a car or buy a shed to put things in. What’s more, most cars don’t have any loft space so you can’t put stuff up there either. OK, I accept that there are those things that look like oversized suitcases that go onto the roof and I suppose you could always attach a trailer to the back and carry your excess baggage around in that but neither of these would be necessary if you checked out one thing in advance. I refer, of course, to the boot.

I’m convinced that, quite often, car manufacturers only think of adding boots after the event. Just when you think that you’ve found a nice useful car, good MPG, low carbon emissions, everything looking good and then you open up the boot to find something the size of a leprechaun’s lunch box and suddenly the whole deal’s off.

At some point during the year it is likely that you will need to take suitcases to an airport or railway station. You will, like most of us, occasionally go to Ikea and buy something that comes in a box that looked a whole lot smaller back in the store. In short, you really do need a boot from time to time so please remember to check it out before you buy.


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