3 Volkswagen Cars You Should Consider Driving Away With This Easter

With the Easter break, comes the Spring weather and a new lease of life. If you’re travelling far and wide to see family, then what better reason to get a new car to get the job done? Inject new life into your motoring experience with a new Volkswagen, today! We’ve done a run down of 3 of their best models that you should consider when picking up a new vehicle. Check it out below!

Volkswagen Up!

VW’s littlest motor is the Up! It’s an exciting, fun little car, emphasised by the exclamation mark that follows its name. It’s affordable, too. Starting at just short of £9,000, the German manufacturer’s have managed to create a product that is accessible to the masses. You can pick one up with either 3 or 5 doors, whichever suits your needs. However, all models come with just 4 seats, so be wary of this if you need that extra bit of room for additional passengers. You may wish to look for something bigger within the range (mentioned later). This car looks great, too! Alloy wheels and an exciting interior make this a memorable looking vehicle. If you fancy something a bit different to your generic drives such as the Polo or the Golf, and you can compromise on size, then this is the way to go. Racing-inspired seats, and a dashboard fitted with a touch screen complete the interior look. There is an integrated navigation system, too, which will help you get around the more complex cities. Bustling town centres are where this motor shines, largely thanks to its emergency city brakes. It uses laser sensors to avoid collisions with nearby cars when travelling at speeds 18mph and under. It’s pretty handy! This is 100% one of the best city cars out there. We were impressed with the Up! So, definitely consider it.

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Volkswagen Polo

If you need that extra bit of ‘oomph’, then the Polo certainly provides it. An Up! isn’t for everybody, Volkswagen know that. The Polo is one of the German manufacturer’s longest lasting lines for good reason. It is available in garages across the UK, Eastern Western Motor Group are proud dealers of this vehicle due to its iconic style and performance. The newest Polo models come packed with features, too, making this car the best Polo that consumers have ever been able to purchase! Little extras such as a DAB radio really make a difference. Your favourite station’s frequency is now something you needn’t have to remember anymore – simply type in its name. In addition, there are rear view cameras to help you park, giving the Polo an edge over much of the competition when it comes to its feature set. Adaptive cruise controls is another highlight for the new Polo, making it easier to keep a safer distance than ever before from the car in front. The Polo can be upgraded to a number of engine sizes to suit any driver’s needs and comes with enough cabin space to house 5 passengers. This hatchback really performs, the 1.8l model can get to 60mph in just 6.7, nearly half the time of that of the Up! This car is definitely worth your consideration this Easter!

Volkswagen Tiguan

If you’re a person looking where to get the best car deals from, then Volkswagen is again your answer. Especially, if you’re after something much larger than the Polo or the Up! VW’s Tiguan is a masterpiece that is very much worth your consideration. It’s beautiful, which is exemplified by the fact that all models of the Tiguan come with Vienna leather seating as standard – a rarity. This vehicle is a showcase of the very best that Volkswagen can offer in design, engineering and technology. It has everything that you could possibly desire and more! One of the main features of the Tiguan is 4Motion, which is a system designed to help driving in all weather conditions. It provides the driver with excellent grip on the road in rain, wind, snow and ice. So, no matter how bad the weather gets, you can be sure that your Volkswagen will get you to your destination safely, which is always handy! There is one option that we do recommend you paying that little bit extra for, however. The panoramic sunroof is incredible. It not only looks great, but it also allows so much more light into the cabin, accentuating all the great interior design features of the Tiguan. Other than that, the Tiguan is great as it comes, and we’d definitely recommend you taking one for a test drive, today!

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Ultimately, any of these three cars is going to be a great Easter treat for you. We recommend getting down to your local dealership and checking them out, today. All the best!