Monthly Archives: May 2013

Man and Van to the Rescue!

The end of the world is inevitable really.  It’s most likely to happen by zombie apocalypse, which is why it’s vital to have your zombie contingency plan in place before the big day comes.  That said, it could also be nuclear meltdown, cosmic disaster, economic mega-crash, environmental malfunction, alien invasion, super SARS, or even AI revolution.  I have probably missed out a few. The point is that we are all in a lot of trouble.  For the sake of this article we are going to do with Zombie takeover as the ultimate outcome. You might have planned out your escape route, gathered your weapons and figured out where you’re going to hide out – the local pub (they did it in Shaun of the Dead and that worked out well) – but how are you going to get from A to B?  If you finally escape the infected area how will you take your belongings with you?  You need a reliable service you can trust.