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Great Technology With Hybrid Cars

Many people have their own hybrid cars. So what these hybrid cars that makes them so popular in recent years?

Only if you are lucky enough to be a hybrid owner, you will see significant savings in fuel. Price of gasoline always seems to rise and losing. When you compare a hybrid car gas guzzles fuel economy, hybrid cars will enable you to reduce fuel consumption in half. Spells less time wasted at the pump.

The government has even begun to try to promote the increase in ownership between the taxpayer. Back in 2005 the President signed the bill on the law gives serious tax relief for hybrid car buyers.

Bertone Fiat bought the unit coachbuilding

Fiat Spa Carriageway Berton Spa has approved the offer by the Italian Industry Minister Claudio SCAPULA Thursday.

Fiat plans to invest 150 million euros ($ 215.9 million) within three years of struggling with a contract manufacturer Volkswagen Polo model from Lamborghini Miura at 96 years of business.

Italian coachbuilder with other providers and employers Gianmario Rossignolo Domenico Reviglio.