Monthly Archives: December 2010

New Launched Toyota Camry 2010

The group shows that Toyota 2010 Toyota Camry model in the North American International Auto Show in 2009. Visual changes in the front of the vehicle with the path that led tail lights, head lights and the large front wheel of the new design.

View features luxurious, Sound system with a USB cable and backup camera built into the navigation device as well. The new 2.5 liter engine design 2AR FE I4 replace 4-cylinder model with hybrid cars is now available as a 6-speed manual or automatic transmission 6-speed transmission.

2010 Volkswagen Caravelle and California Vans

Volkswagen Caravelle vans redesigned and California agreed to a 63 at the Frankfurt Motor Show, which will be held from September 15 to September 27. 2010 new model continues to build a rich history of Volkswagen MPVs, incorporating many changes and enhancements to improve California and Caravel van ‘all-around feature.